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Pirana brand logo along with food names separately on round stickers.

Flamingo looked at the guests and played a piece of Paco De Lucia.

Everyone started dancing.

The magical foods have made their impact...

Brand Story

  1. The story of Pirana was born with a story of a place. Our style components are based on art deco style, minimal approach, flamingo form, and the spatial aesthetics of Mediterranean and Nautical styles.

  2. The formal character of our brand emerges from the heart of an animal character: the Flamingo!

  3. After examining this bird from the point of view of form and content, the following results were obtained:
    - Face: Feminine and has the energy of water, fire and wind
    - Appearance: Soft and curved geometry, elegance in lines in the style of streamlining in industrial design, contrasting colors but not sharp, minimal and feminine style, sexy forms and guitar form
    - Meaning: Experiencing a soft and pleasant atmosphere and food with feminine, girlish, Persephone, Aphrodite, peaceful, positive but seductive qualities, flamingo dance, and fiery female dancer.
    - Spirit: Secret eroticism, lyrical atmosphere, pleasure, joy and mystery

Color Palette

Pirana's main color palette has been chosen with a visionary obsession, based on the concepts raised in the brand's storytelling and also according to the color space of the brand's products; This category includes meat-based cooked foods with a health-oriented approach and the presence of a wide range of products related to nature, including vegetables and green salads.

Pirana achieved a unique visual identity where customers fell in love with taking selfies, which made us have +4,000 Instagram followers in less than a month with a minimum advertising budget


Piran Brothers
Brand Identity
Logo & Visual Identity
Social Media Strategy
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Creative Director
Mahan Ghazanfari
Brand Strategist & Storyteller
Aveis Salman
Graphic Designers
Hooman Alizadeh
Ali Sadra
Interior Designer
Vahid Piran
Photograper & Videograper
Arshia Akhavan
Starter & Master Chef
Ramin Abbasi