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RaazMina Boutique

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Three images of the Baroque style: women's clothing, men's clothing, and architecture.

The intersection of the RaazMina brand and its owner's personal brand

The Process

This idea is a combination of a natural, native, and dream boho garden (RaazMina Boutique); A place where baroque princesses (RaazMina's customers) live happily with the style of "magnificent but happy", "chic but not proud", and "prestigious but not arrogant".

At the center of these princesses, there is a queen who is manifested by the personal brand of RaazMina's owner.


RaazMina Boutique
Ms. Fakhri
Brand Identity
Personal Brand Identity
Logo & Visual Identity
Social Media Templates
Creative Director
Mahan Ghazanfari
Brand Strategist & Storyteller
Aveis Salman
Graphic Designers
Mahan Ghazanfari
Kourosh Sarafi
Ali Sadra