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Design and construction of various types of wall climbing, monkey bars, spider webs, zip-lines, and adventure equipment.

The Process

"Divare" means wall. Considering the services of this company, we based the design of the name and visual identity on the basis of a sense of power.

On the other hand, it was necessary for Divare's identity to display 'Dynamism" in addition to inducing a sense of 'Power"; Balancing these two attributes and creating a "Dynamic Power" was the challenging part of this project.

In order to stay as long as possible in the audience's mind, we integrated the brand name with its visual appearance in the logo. Next, we expanded the visual identity of this company by injecting elements of the identity part extracted from the logo.


Mr. Ganji
Logo & Visual Identity
Creative Director
Mahan Ghazanfari
Graphic Designer
Ali Sadra