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Vahid Piran

Vahid Piran architectural studio logo on their business card

Vahid Piran

Vahid Piran Architecture Studio The Process When it comes to personal brand design, in addition to the influential factors in any project, the personality traits of the brand owner play an important role. Occasionally, in the study phase, the designer finds himself in the role of a psychologist! Credits Company Vahid Piran Architecture Studio Client...

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Three images of the Baroque style: women's clothing, men's clothing, and architecture.

RaazMina Boutique

The intersection of the RaazMina brand and its owner’s personal brand The Process This idea is a combination of a natural, native, and dream boho garden (RaazMina Boutique); A place where baroque princesses (RaazMina’s customers) live happily with the style of “magnificent but happy”, “chic but not proud”, and “prestigious but not arrogant”. At the...

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Design and construction of various types of wall climbing, monkey bars, spider webs, zip-lines, and adventure equipment. The Process “Divare” means wall. Considering the services of this company, we based the design of the name and visual identity on the basis of a sense of power. On the other hand, it was necessary for Divare’s...

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Arvand Co. logo preview on a blue envelope

Arvand Co.

Arvand is one of the few Class F power generation in the country, and due to its significance, instilling a sense of power in its visual identity was essential. The Process If we could picture a mountain from which the Arvand River flows, and at the same time it refers to the production of electricity,...

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elPet logo on stationery mockup


The story of ElPet is the story of the creation of handicrafts that immortalize our loved ones. The Process ElPet statues and portraits are created using natural pet hair or synthetic threads in the most pet-like form. The “line” plays a major role in ElPet’s visual identity; In addition to instilling a sense of elegance,...

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Preview of the Youseidon logo on a red notebook.


Yousef (the brand owner) is a vlogger and nature enthusiast, deeply in love with deer and fascinated by Japanese culture. The Process Perhaps at the beginning of the process, we were unsure if combining the deer symbol, the initial letter of the brand name, and elements of Japanese culture would be feasible. The reason behind...

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A mockup of el.Shop business cards and their logo on the back side of it.


Let’s present a different approach to pet-related businesses in the stereotypical and uncreative use of animal faces or body parts.  The Process Our goal was to present a different approach to pet-related businesses (petshops, veterinarians, etc.) in the stereotypical and uncreative use of animal faces or body parts. We first explored the concepts of the...

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A mockup of logo sign (related to Health Ministry) on the brown box.

Health Ministry

Deputy of Research and Technology, Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The Process Considering all parts of an organization’s name makes the design process challenging (but still endearing!). Especially when it includes multiple concepts such as “Deputy”, “Research”, “Technology”, and “Health”! Credits Company Deputy of Research and Technology Ministry of Health and Medical Education Client...

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3D Karen letterhead and business card

3D Karen

The balance between brevity and uniqueness. The Process When talking about simplicity and briefness as an advantage in a crowded world, one forgets about identity and its elements. And the balance between brevity and uniqueness is one of the hardest things to do. Credits Company 3D Karen Studio Client Mr. Sadeghi Roles Logo and Visual...

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