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Design and construction of various types of wall climbing, monkey bars, spider webs, zip-lines, and adventure equipment. The Process “Divare” means wall. Considering the services of this company, we based the design of the name and visual identity on the basis of a sense of power. On the other hand, it was necessary for Divare’s...

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The Symbol of Unity About In the mysterious land of Babylon or the closet point where Noah’s ship sat down. All the heavenly books speak about a person that has been killed innocently and God waits for great revenge for this massive murder. Credits Company Sidra Media Roles Poster, Booklet, & DVD Cover Design Graphic...

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Mosul After War About Demonstrating the difficult situation in Mosul after the war with ISIS and the group’s treatment of Christians and Christians in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Credits Company Sidra Media Roles Poster, Booklet, & DVD Cover Design Graphic Designer Ali Sadra

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Three images of the Baroque style: women's clothing, men's clothing, and architecture.

RaazMina Boutique

The intersection of the RaazMina brand and its owner’s personal brand The Process This idea is a combination of a natural, native, and dream boho garden (RaazMina Boutique); A place where baroque princesses (RaazMina’s customers) live happily with the style of “magnificent but happy”, “chic but not proud”, and “prestigious but not arrogant”. At the...

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Arvand Co. logo preview on a blue envelope

Arvand Co.

Arvand is one of the few Class F power generation in the country, and due to its significance, instilling a sense of power in its visual identity was essential. The Process If we could picture a mountain from which the Arvand River flows, and at the same time it refers to the production of electricity,...

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